stealing google and jeff koons (2014-2018)

2 Series of 6 – Variable Size

Description: (a) jpg art, prints (b) screenshots of plagiarists (c) google data plagiarism & world of contemporary art

Van Giel, Tuymans, Google & Guez, A Belgian Politician, 2014, 12,5×21,9cm. Signed.
Cariou, Prince, Google & Guez, Canal Zone, 2014, 12,5×21,9cm. Signed.
Gray, Koons, Google & Guez, I Could Go For Something Gordon’s, 2017, 11,4×21,9cm. Series 2. Signed.

Taken from Google Images screenshots, the photographs are based on the recursive appropriation technique.

I am taking over the images that Google has taken over. This is not just any image. I appropriate images of plagiarized artists. I steal images that Google itself has stolen, images belonging to artists who have stolen from other artists. Finally, I’m just continuing a series of thefts.

Series n°1 & 2 are based on the work of Valentin Carron, Andreas Gursky, Damien Hirst, Jeff Koons, Richard Prince, Luc Tuymans.