authorized visual copy (2016)

Unlimited series – Web Exhibition & Prints – c. 22x40cm –

Description: (a) jpg art, google art (b) screenshotism (c) google images endless recursion.


Authorized Visual Copy (AVC) is a photo series originally produced for the website The photos are published as “featured image” according to WordPress terminology. Started on 9 May 2016, the artwork is endless.

« art archéomédiatique ou médiarchéologique » (2016)
« art archéomédiatique » (2017)

Process: AVC is a recursive and iterative work. Screenshots of the website. Regular repetition of the operation. According to the recursive principle, the first screenshots appear in the new search. The « mise en abyme » is algorithmically operated by Google Images. Over time, images become more and more complex. Their weight increases. Compression makes them more and more blurry. After a while, a last capture ends the process.

Elements for a critical description: « Authorized Visual Copy » is a parasitic and techno-vampire work. In French, the acronym AVC refers to a stroke, when an obstacle prevents blood from circulating normally. Blood flows in and a vein bursts into the brain. AVC is this obstacle in the Google Images feed. If stroke is powerless to cause any vascular rupture within the Google writing machine, it vampires the results. « Authorized Visual Copy » photographs are composed from the titles of the articles in Comparable to a living being, the work requires several weeks of gestation before being born.

Tech.: The screenshots are made with a MacBook Retina computer (mid-2012). Components : 2.3 GHz processor, Intel Core i7, NVIDIA Ge Force GT 650M 1024 MB graphics and Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB, 15.4-inch monitor (2880×1800), MacOS Sierra 10.12.2 operating system (update nov. 16) and earlier. Network (infrastructure and software): Internet. Software and applications (including): Web, Chrome, Preview. Website: